Selec the Optimal Shrink Sleeve Printing Process

Every brand has specific packaging requirements that drive which the print process decision. Graphics, life-cycle stage, cost, and speed-to-market needs are all contributors. We offer our clients a broad print technology platform that positions each brand and project for success.

Clients typically begin with Shrink Sleeve Label print trials via our HP Indigo 6600 technology. This solution keeps start-up costs low and helps us quickly deliver printed Shrink Sleeve prototypes. Clients also appreciate the highly refined print fidelity and virtually infinite color possibilities. The Indigo print solution is typically optimal for quantities of 1 – 25,000, though this can vary depending upon the project.

As quantities increase, and for some projects with special effects, clients move to our Flexographic (Flexo) print technology solution. With 12 colors including metallic inks, our Flexo print process is typically selected for Shrink Sleeve Label projects of 25,000 – 500,000.

As quantities move into and past the upper hundred thousands, clients often transition to our Gravure print technology platform. Gravure quality enhances Shrink Sleeve label graphics while reducing the unit cost for higher quantities.

Shrink Sleeve Tech Solutions Printing Processes

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