Graphics Preparation Guide Shrink Sleeves
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Artwork can be submitted in the following formats:

• Adobe Illustrator CS6
• Adobe Photoshop CS6
• Adobe InDesign CS6

Color Mode, Fonts, and Linked Images:

• Supply all fonts, unless the artwork is outlined
• Supply all linked images unless embedded within the document
• All images and documents must be in CMYK color mode
• All images must be at least 300 dpi
• Keep all line weights greater than .35pt in thickness

Best Practices:

• Keep important design elements such as logos away from high distortion areas. This is usually the neck of a wine bottle.
• Continuous graphics cannot wrap seamlessly if distortion is required. Floods of solid color is ok.
• UPC codes must run vertically to improve readability.
• Keep layflat folds away from logos and type. Our experts will help determine the best layflat location.
• Design with change in mind. If possible, supply layered artwork with maximum editability.

Printing Tips:

• Our shrink sleeves are printed in reverse ink order on the inside of the sleeve. This creates maximum durability.
• White ink is used where opacity is needed. Clear windows can be utilized to show bottle and product.
• White ink can also be used with screens and gradients to create unique transparancy effects.
• Production Press Proofs are available to quickly and affordably see your graphics printed directly on the shrink material.

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