The Benefits of Shrink Sleeve Labels

freebird shrink sleeve • Cover container top to bottom and with 360 degree graphics
• Present bright, bold colors and high-impact designs
• Protect ink as printing is applied under exposed material
• Fit around standard or contour intensive container shapes
• Create multi-packs for club stores and special promotions
• Hide undesirable product content conditions
• Apply to glass, plastic, and metal containers
• Appropriate for prototyping, small, medium, & large quantity projects

Shrink Sleeve is a type of labeling application in which labels are printed on film and then wrapped around, and shrunk tightly to conform to various shape and size containers. The “Sleeves”, or labels often span the containers full 360 degrees, form top-to-bottom. This entire area provides marketers an enormous canvas in which to display powerful point-of-sale graphics and content.

Brand managers and graphic designers apply Shrink Sleeve technology to optimize packaging surface area for graphics and content. They also combine the 360 degree product coverage over irregular contours with the eye-popping Digital printing on film substrates, and the result is packaging that demands attention and promotes sales. Shrink Sleeves are applied to virtually any shape or size container on PVC, PET, PETG, or OPS film. UV flexographic (8 and 10-color), Rotogravure, and Digital are technologies that can be used to print Shrink Sleeves.

In addition to the above benefits, Shrink Sleeves can also provide excellent scuff resistance (the printing is not exposed as it is applied on the reverse side of the exposed clear Shrink Sleeve film), easily detected evidence of tampering, and consumer convenient and cross-product multi-packs “shrinked” together for club stores. Shrink Sleeve Labels shrink to the container by either manual application or heat and steam tunnels, depending on the product, and distribution requirements

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