Prior to printing, as an option, we can email you a rotating 3D digital image of your graphics on your container. This enables you to quickly preview your designs and packaging prior to investing in printing. You can also email to current or prospective sales channels to help presell your concepts and get feedback.

We use powerful best-in-class software to evaluate and adjust your graphic files to optimally fit your container. For fastest and best results, you provide us with a CAD file of your container and at least two container samples.  We can then digitally assemble your graphic options to your container options. Once you view your emailed images of Shrink Sleeve Labels on your containers, you can instruct us on possible modifications prior to printing.

Once we make adjustments that you have approved, we can digitally print prototypes (samples) of your Shrink Sleeve Labels via Indigo 6600 technology. Next, we can seam and cut your Shrink Sleeves for application to your containers.

Red Tie Sleeve Rotation
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